Tulsa Star Returner Can't Outrun The Law

Damaris Johnson suspendedDamaris Johnson is one of the best players in college football that you have never heard about. But, you will now. 

Johnson is the all-time NCAA career leader in all-purpose yards and kickoff returns, all of which he has achieved in only three years at the University of Tulsa. But as fast as he is, he apparently can't outrun the law. 

Johnson is facing a lengthy team suspension after shopping at Macy's last week. According to the police report, he recently bought $1,600 worth of merchandise, but was charged only $12.91 by his girlfriend, who works as a sales clerk at the store. On Thursday, he paid only 34 cents for an additional $1,238 worth of apparel. 

To make things worse for the Golden Hurricane, Tulsa meets three top ten teams (Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Boise State) during the first month of the season. 

Who knew there was a Macy's in Tulsa?