Brad Rock, in the Deseret News of Salt Lake City, on the New Mexico safety who was thrown off a US Airways flight and arrested for wearing extremely saggy pants and refusing to pull them up: "Since when is a New Mexico DB getting caught with his pants down a big deal?"

USC was just arrogant and the NCAA nailed them. Ohio State and Tennessee proved to fans that the cover-ups were worse than the crimes. Now, Oregon will be next. Rogue scout/agent Willie Lyles, who previously testified before the NCAA, told Yahoo sports last week that he was paid $25,... Read More

This upcoming season, the Big Ten Conference will expand from 11 to 12 schools, when the University of Nebraska officially relocates away from the Big 12 Conference.  As a result, the league will begin playing a football championship game. This year's inaugural contest will take place at Lucas... Read More

BYU officials have asked high scoring star Jimmer Fredette to stop going to class and instead finish his academic career online. Jimmer's father Al was told that it was getting too disruptive and that his son's fame in Provo generated constant requests for autographs and photos and that anywhere he... Read More

The April 5 women's NCAA basketball final between Texas A&M and Notre Dame finished third among cable TV shows behind “Teen Mom 2” and “Top Shot.” The game did beat “Lights Out” and “Auction Hunters” in the ratings. Please supply your own punch line.