Ray Lewis Owns Home Near Ravens Owings Mills Facility

The city of Baltimore has born and/or presided over its fair share of legendary athletic figures through the years. Besides being the birthplace of a rather famous New York Yankees slugger named Babe Ruth, the Charm City has served as the professional/post-career residence for celebrated Baltimore Colts QB Johnny Unitas, as well as the birthplace and undisputed habitat of present-day Olympic swimming king Michael Phelps. While the northern Baltimore suburb of Towson was the adulthood home of the late gridiron great and the childhood stomping grounds for the 22-time Olympic medalist, the northwest suburban enclave of Reisterstown now stands as the main resting location for two of Baltimore's all-time behemoths of the playing field.

Remarkably, the I-795-adjacent city of Reisterstown is home to both Baltimore Orioles icon Cal Ripken Jr. and recently retired, two-time Super Bowl champion Ray Lewis. Ironically, the two titans of their respective sports live just down the street from one another, near the city's posh Tufton Avenue. While Ripken makes Reisterstown his primary residence, Lewis splits his time between his Maryland digs and an oceanfront mansion in Highland Beach, Florida.

Here is an aerial shot of the Iron Man's 25-acre palace, equipped with an indoor gymnasium and spacious pool area.

Down the road rests Lewis' slightly less massive abode, which does happen to sit on a 28-acre plot of land. Check out an aerial glimpse of the home that includes its own large pool area, while also hosting a sacred home, intended for prayer and reflection from the deeply religious, future Hall of Fame tackler.

The Reisterstown "neighborhood to the stars" lies 20 miles northwest of the Camden Yards Sports Complex, the downtown Baltimore area home to both the Orioles' and Super Bowl champion Ravens' adjacent stadiums.

More importantly for Lewis, the eastern Reisterstown district sits 10 miles northeast of the Under Armour Performance Center, the Ravens spectacular, 200,000-square-foot practice facility. Fittingly, the newly crowned championship team's base of operation is located at 1 Winning Drive, in the nearby city of Owings Mills, Maryland.