Tim Tebow's dedication to fans moving from the Swamp to the Rockies

Tim Tebow can easily be considered one of the most accomplished college football players in history.  The University of Florida legend's resume boasts of two national championships and a Heisman Trophy.    

Despite Tebow's tremendous productivity, many question marks remain regarding his ability to compete successfully in the NFL. Tebow's throwing motion and general passing skills worry many professional general managers and coaches.  A certain segment of the football world does not believe his abilities translate to the next level.  Amid this controversy, the Denver Broncos elected to draft Tebow with pick 25 of the 2010 NFL Draft.

Time will tell if the Broncos made the right on-field decision.  One thing is absolutely certain; Tim Tebow will dedicate everything he has to the Broncos organization and the fans of the Mountain West.  Whether it is football, family, religion or his massive following, Tebow leaves no stone unturned. The Broncos' fans will hopefully receive the same effort exhibited by Tebow over the last several years.  

Below are two pieces of video displaying this situation.  The first scene took place during Florida's 2009 spring practice.  The second occurrence happened after a Florida victory vs. Florida International.  Check out how ecstatic the little Gator fan is after meeting the Sunshine State legend.