Ahmad Rashad & Tommy Kramer Autograph Event (Video)

Here is iFolloSports.com original video of former Vikings wide receiver Ahmad Rashad and quarterback Tommy Kramer signing autographs, Saturday, at Fan HQ Sports Apparel and Collectables, in the Twin Cities suburb of Minnetonka, Minnesota.

Rashad (especially to younger generations) is best known for his television work with the “NBA on NBC” game broadcasts and the “NBA Inside Stuff” weekly program, back in the 1990's and early 2000's. The Oregon alum conducted many interviews with his close friend Michael Jordan, during and after some of Jordan's biggest games. Rashad's career has also involved roles covering the NFL and Major League Baseball, as well as his current gig with NBATV.

As an NFL player, the Portland native put together a nice career, playing for three teams from 1972-1982. Rashad scored 44 touchdowns, while posting 6,831 yards and 495 receptions. Rashad was a four-time Pro Bowl player.

Tommy Kramer played from 1977-1990, with all but his last season spent in Minnesota. Kramer earned the nickname “Two-Minute Tommy,” due to his many late game comebacks, including a last second Hail Mary to Rashad, helping the Vikings into the playoffs in 1980. The Rice alum finished with 159 touchdown passes and 24,777 pass yards.

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