Are Implants Tearing The Cincinnati Ben-Gals Apart?

Laura Vikmanis and “It's not About the Pom Poms”Laura Vikmanis has just published her memoir, which revealed considerable information about the Cincinnati Ben-Gals cheerleading squad. Vikmanis, now 43, was the oldest NFL cheerleader three years ago. Her book is called "It's not About the Pom Poms." 

According to the book, the Ben-Gals must be 21 and either work or go to school full-time.  Practices are held two to three times weekly and the only acceptable excuse for absence is your wedding. Members of the squad are paid $75 per game. 

Fraternization between the Ben-Gals and Bengals players is strictly forbidden. Plus, Ben-Gals call their significant others "Ben-Guys."

Oh, and there's one more thing.

Readers might be interested in knowing the cause of the most significant rift amongst the ladies.

"The most prominent division on the Ben-Gals is not between the young girls and the older girls, but between the Real Boobs and the Fake Boobs. This is despite the fact that at any given time, a third of the Real Boobs are considering implants,'' said Vikmanis to the Cincinnati Inquirer.