A behind the scenes look at Cowboys Stadium

The day has finally arrived! Super Bowl XLV will kickoff Sunday night at 5:30 CT. As everyone knows, the game will be played at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The three million square foot brainchild of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones will serve as a spectacular setting for this epic event.  Below is an inside look at Jerry World's Big Game appearance.

The exterior of the stadium is adorned in full Super Bowl regalia, with signs representing the two teams participating and the game itself.

Once inside, it is simply impossible to miss the 1.2 million pound video board.  Check out the clarity of its LED screen.

The board stands 90 feet above the playing surface.

On game day, the NFC Champion Packers will get dressed in the Cowboys' locker room.

The Packers will run through this lounge prior to entering their sideline via the 50 yard line entrance space.

The AFC Champion Steelers will change in the normal visitors' locker room.

What will Steelers linebacker James Harrison's reaction be to this locker room sign?

Last, but certainly not least. Here is a look at Jerry Jones' private accommodations at his palace. The suite atop the first deck, with the lights on, is his entertaining space. The bubble atop the second deck is a private sanctum for him and his sons. So, don't get any ideas.

Jerry Jones Suite Cowboys Stadium