A Brett Favre sighting in Downtown LA

I was sitting in the lobby of the JW Marriott/Ritz-Carlton at LA Live in Downtown Los Angeles.  The hotel is located immediately adjacent to the Nokia Theater, where the ESPY Awards were taking place later that night. Within a few minute span, both Brett Favre and Cowboys coach Wade Phillips walked about 15 feet in front of me. They were not together I should point out. 

The only bit of Favre news I can pass along is that he appeared to be walking without any type of limp. He was definitely moving a whole lot better than after the loss in the NFC Title Game.  

One other bit of news involves the fact that Favre still has not found the time to purchase a razor. It seems like the same amount of silver facial hair is always present on his face. I’m sure he cleaned up for the show, but when I saw him he was wearing shorts and a tee shirt.  The man certainly prefers comfort over style.

It was very amusing to see everyone in the lobby stare at Favre, while Phillips walked through with absolutely no fanfare.  Number four’s star power is incredible.  Like most people, I would be stunned if the Silver Fox is not under center for the Vikings come September.