Bryant, Witten, Murray & The O Line Taking The Field At Camp (Videos)

Cowboys training camp Residence Inn Oxnard River RidgeIf it's August, it must mean that the Dallas Cowboys have descended upon Oxnard, California for training camp. Located 60 miles northwest of Los Angeles, Oxnard's mild summer weather provides America's Team the opportunity to get ready for the season, void of having to deal with the brutal heat that comes with August in The Lone Star State. While temperatures are hovering around 100 degrees in Dallas, this week, Oxnard is spending it's week barely breaking 70.

Tuesday afternoon, was on hand as the Cowboys made their way to the practice fields, upon exiting the Residence Inn Oxnard River Ridge, the team's training camp headquarters.

Below are a series of original videos of the very early stages of the day.

Big play WR Dez Bryant waving to fans.


Jason Witten looking to keep shattering TE records.


DeMarco Murray preparing to carry the RB workload.


The offensive line getting down to business.