Cam Newton Moving On After Super Bowl Stumble

Cam Newton Super Bowl 50 Press ConferenceAfter losing to the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton received a lot of flak for his behavior during the postgame press conference. Newton answered roughly 13 questions from reporters, giving them a bunch of short answers, before walking out of the interview room. While Newton’s sullen behavior won’t affect the team’s NFL odds this season, it gave Newton a reputation of being a bad sport when things don’t go his way.

Recently, Newton addressed the issue during a radio interview. In the interview, Newton, who previously said after the Super Bowl that he was a “sore loser,” noted he hasn’t watched the post-Super Bowl press conference, but he doesn’t need to see it to understand the backlash that he got for his behavior.

Newton said he has learned from the experience, which he considers the first step. Newton’s tone has changed in recent months after talking about the incident with his father, coaches, teammates, and the other influential people in his life. While the quarterback said he has learned from his actions after the Super Bowl, he never admitted what he did was wrong.

Newton told the radio show host that he wasn’t admitting that what he did after the Super Bowl was right or wrong, but he wanted people to see things from his vantage point. The one thing he did admit is that he learned from the situation.

When asked if the experience would make him a better loser, Newton asked why he would ever want to be a better loser. He told the host that he was born to win and he doesn’t live to be mediocre. Newton said he has set the standards extremely high for himself and he expects to live up to those standards.

The 2015 MVP said he is not going to change his approach to the game because he is being told to learn how to be a better loser. While the Carolina Panthers were disappointed in the outcome of the Super Bowl, the team has a lot of confidence in Newton, who led them on an unexpected Super Bowl run during a season in which they began by dealing with major injuries and a supposed lack of depth on the offensive end.

The Panthers finished with the top scoring offense in the NFL and also had one of the best defenses. Head coach Ron Rivera previously addressed the post-Super Bowl incident and stood behind his quarterback. Other Panthers players have come out in support of their QB, whom the media eviscerated after the incident.

With a healthy Carolina team preparing for the upcoming season, they will once again be one of the favorites to win the Super Bowl, and they believe Newton can get them to the big game once again. For his part, Newton saying he has learned from the experience is a first step, but we will have to see how he handles himself the next time things don’t go his way. If he pouts, then he obviously didn’t learn from the Super Bowl incident, but if he remains professional, maybe he really did learn from it.

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