Chris Kluwe Book Signing In Santa Monica (Video)

Without question, in the present-day NFL landscape, there is not a more famous punter than that of Chris Kluwe. After eight seasons booting the ball for the Minnesota Vikings, Kluwe was released on May 6. Nine days later, the 31-year-old signed a free agent contract with the Oakland Raiders.

Kluwe, of course, is best known for his outspoken advocacy of many issues, most notably those in the areas of gay rights and marriage equality. The UCLA alum has become a significant contributor to the public discourse, via many high profile written and verbal exchanges, with everyone from fellow football players to elected officials. Kluwe has also appeared as a guest on many major television programs, sharing his viewpoints with the likes of Ellen DeGeneres and Stephen Colbert.

On June 25, Kluwe released a new book titled Beautifully Unique Sparkleponies: On Myths, Morons, Free Speech, Football, and Assorted Absurdities. The timing of this publication of personal essays and opinions could not have been better for Kluwe, when considering the two marriage equality rulings, handed down by the Supreme Court this week.  

Thursday, Kluwe was very busy, first making an appearance on TBS's “Conan,” then conducting a book reading, speaking and signing engagement at the Barnes & Noble store in Santa Monica, Calif. After concluding his stint with Conan, at around 6:30pm Pacific, Kluwe hightailed it from Burbank, Calif to Santa Monica (22 miles), for the 7:00 literary event.

Per the above original piece of video, Kluwe (wearing the same outfit as seen on “Conan”) was incredibly cordial to all those in attendance, signing his signature, posing for photos, as well as interacting with everyone who was interested in meeting him.

Prior to the signing portion of the evening, Kluwe answered a series of questions from the audience, on topics involving social advocacy, the fair treatment of people, and the public platform he is provided, as a result of playing for the nation's most high profile professional sports league.