DeMarcus Ware Finds a Unique Venue for Offseason Workouts

Dallas Cowboys star linebacker DeMarcus Ware has chosen an interesting venue to conduct his offseason workouts. According to an article, written by Ware in the Sporting News, the five-time Pro Bowl selection has set up a makeshift gym in the service department of a former Hummer dealership in the Dallas/Fort Worth suburb of Grapevine, Texas.  Ware and his fellow NFL players are currently barred from team facilities, due to the ongoing labor standoff between the league and the players association. Ware's friendship with the dealership's owner allowed for this unique arrangement to take place. The dealership location is thought to be Classic Chevrolet, a former seller of new Hummers. As of 2010, General Motors elected to no longer produce new versions of the vehicle. As a result, space within the dealership became available to Ware. Classic Chevrolet is located near the northwestern edge of DFW Airport, just east of the city of Southlake, the residence of Ware and other prominent Cowboys including Tony Romo. Here is an aerial photo of the Ware home.