Drew Brees Speaking To Agent In Dallas (Video)

In present day NFL, there is not a more respected figure than Saints QB Drew Brees. Last year's Super Bowl Champ is both a Saints' team leader and a civic leader in New Orleans' road back after Hurricane Katrina.  

Friday, Brees was about to head inside the Sheraton Downtown Dallas, but he got temporarily sidetracked after noticing his agent Tom Condon. The two men exchanged pleasantries, as the fans around them kept their distance due to reverence for Brees.  Very few athletes conjure up this level of high regard.  Brees is truly in a class of his own these days.

Check out the scene courtesy of this ifollosports.com original video.

Perhaps, Brees and Condon were discussing a Saints contract extension, which has been widely rumored.  I am certain that Condon is very excited to negotiate that package. That is if there is no work stoppage.