Early Favorites For Next Year's Super Bowl Are Out

Early Favorites For Next Year's Super Bowl Even though the Super Bowl was played last weekend, it is apparently not too soon to think about next year's game and the MGM sportsbook has already posted some early lines.

Curiously, the Patriots are the future book favorite at 5-1.  The Packers, Steelers, and Eagles are all 6-1 to win the 2013 title game, followed by the champion Giants at 8-1.  The Saints and 49ers follow at 10-1 and the Texans and Chargers come in at 12-1. 

At the other end of the spectrum is the Redskins, who are listed at 125-1.

The long shot on the board is the Jaguars at 150-1.

The Patriots were also the early favorites last year at 4 1/2-1, while the Giants were a relative long shot at 25-1.