The Falcons Future Home Stadium Is Really Cool (Photos)


Falcons new stadium opening 2017 for $1.2 millionIn 2017, the Atlanta Falcons will open up their brand new $1.2 billion stadium, just outside of downtown Atlanta. The new venue will replace the current Georgia Dome and will be one of the most state-of-the-art stadiums around.

The venue will feature a first ever 360-degree high definition “halo” video display, which will stand five stories tall and spread all the way around the top of the stadium, near the retractable roof.

Given Atlanta's mild winters and warm summers, the new venue will undoubtedly host one or possibly a number of Super Bowls, Final Fours and other big events over the years, as well as likely serving as the home of an expansion MLS team.

For a full look at the stadium's spectacular, futuristic design, check out the official stadium website, which displays both the interior and exterior of the facility.

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