Giants Not Afraid To Rub Success In Rex Ryan's Face

Giants Not Afraid To Rub Success In Rex Ryan's FaceIn the days since the Giants 29-14 victory over the Jets on Christmas Eve, the once very cordial rivalry between New York's two NFL teams has escalated into an all out shooting match. Precipitated in large measure by the bombastic talk of Jets coach Rex Ryan, both the players and fans of Gotham's franchises now possess a far greater disdain for one another, then at any point in history.

A post on the official Giants Twitter page (@Giants) provided the latest salvo in this hotly contested war of words.

Sunday, after the Giants clinched their fifth Super Bowl appearance, the below zing hit the internet.

Some teams are happy getting to Conference Championship games, but #ImReallyGoodAt winning them! 5-0 all time!


Seconds later, a big thud was heard within the walls of the Jets' Florham Park, New Jersey headquarters. 

What an awful turn of events for Rex Ryan and company. Two weeks from now, the boys in green will have to watch a Super Bowl involving their hated adversaries from New England and the team in blue they continue to share a stadium with.

Members of the J-E-T-S may want to find something else to do February 5, at around 6:20 PM Eastern.