Giants & Pats Set To Join Exclusive Club, Who Could Be Next?

Amidst all the hype over Super Bowl XLVI, we noted that there have been 18 teams that have won a Super Bowl, led by Pittsburgh with six, San Francisco and Dallas with five, and Green Bay with four. 

With the Giants and Patriots both sitting at three Super Bowl wins a piece, the winner of Sunday's game will join the exclusive four or more Big Game victory club.

Fourteen current NFL squads have never won the trophy, but here are the five teams most likely to win their first title in the next five seasons:

1.   Houston---outplayed the Ravens this year without a quarterback.

2.   Philadelphia---very dangerous by the end of the year.

3.   Detroit---best wide receiver in the NFL, plus good young QB.

4.   Carolina---Cam Newton.

5.   San Diego---how many more years will they underachieve?