Gronkowski Comeback Still Possible

Gronkowski Comeback Still PossibleAfter nine stellar years with the New England Patriots, Rob Gronkowski hung up his cleats this offseason. The man they call “Gronk” is known for two things, really.

  • One: being the best tight end in NFL history.
  • Two: having a 13-year-old’s sense of humor.

Both have attracted Gronk a significant amount of attention, over the years, but it was the possibility of him continuing to do number one that had people talking last week. Side note, if it was the possibility of him “doing number two,” Gronk would probably show up and make a poop joke.

A video surfaced from the ESPY Awards in which Gronkowski might have been heard telling New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees that he’s “coming back,” meaning returning to football after a few months of quote-unquote retirement.

The Patriots odds to win the AFC East, for the 11th straight year, are already -500 (1/5), on the majority of sites that are all peer reviewed. So,  you can be certain only the best-rated makes this list. If Gronkowski returns, their odds will only get better.

Gronkowski certainly looked a couple steps slower last year, recording his fewest receiving yards per game (52.5 YPG) since he was a rookie. But, he has an undeniable chemistry with Tom Brady and knows the New England offense better than anyone (except Brady and coach Bill Belichick). His return would be a welcome addition to a team whose biggest weakness is a Gronk-shaped hole at tight end.