Here Is Why The Miami Dolphins Are Destined To Go To The Playoffs This Season

What does the future hold for the Miami Dolphins? That is a question people have been asking since the team lost QB Ryan Tannehill before the preseason. Interestingly enough, if the betting lines to reach the NFL Playoffs are anything to go by, people still believe in Miami, despite some of the team’s recent setbacks.

After rescheduling their Week 1 game, due to Hurricane Irma, Miami’s opening matchup against the Chargers ended in a narrow 19-17 victory, with Dolphins fans believing they have a good chance to return to the playoffs this season. And it is not like that sort of confidence is completely misplaced.

There are a couple of reasons to support Miami in their playoff bid. The strongest argument that can be made in favor of Miami is the abysmal nature of the bottom half of the AFC East.

The Bills and Jets are among the worst teams in the NFL, and because they are rebuilding, Miami victories over those franchises is highly likely. In fact, of six mandatory division matchups, four of those games could be relativity easy.

Sure, the five-time Super Bowl champion New England Patriots are challenging opponents, but the games against New York and Buffalo could be the complete opposite.

Despite the poor prospects of the Jets and Bills, to their credit, Miami has a pretty decent team, with the club’s greatest assets being a group of high quality pass catchers.

It has been years since the Dolphins had such a notable offense. The credit must be given to DeVante Parker, Kenny Stills, and Jarvis Landry. If that wasn’t enough, tight end Julius Thomas joins a Miami roster that is already rich with talent. 

It has been suggested that Miami’s success will come not as a result of just its wide receivers and tight end, but because of the balance it has in its offense. And it is true that both the team’s running and passing game is really strong, with Jay Ajayi and Kenyan Drake really emerging as threats.

New QB Jay Cutler is definitely not lacking for weapons.

It is worth noting that things have to drastically change in the area of defense. Anyone that was watching football last season knows that the Dolphins couldn’t stop a child from running through their defensive line.

Miami is really looking to Cameron Wake, Ndamukong Suh and Kiko Alonso to step up and slow the tide this season.

Miami doesn’t have to be great at defense, they just have to be alright. After all, head coach Adam Gase is a respected offensive mind, credited with leading Miami to a 10-6 finish last season, after a 1-4 start that had Dolphins fans panicking.

Gase knows how to make the most of every tool he has. His days in Denver and Chicago proved as much. Gase earned the loyalty of fans last season and most of them trust him to take Miami’s far improved roster to the playoffs yet again in 2017.