How Much Do Super Bowl Tickets Cost & Who Gets A Shot At Them?

$3200 for Super Bowl tickets on secondary marketIf you have any interest in attending the Super Bowl, you might want to think again. According to a report from ABC News, the average price of a ticket on the secondary market is about $3,200, and rising. The lowest priced ducat is about $2,200, for a location far away from the 50-yard line.

Reasons for the interest in the game include the storyline of the Harbaugh brothers and the fact that San Francisco has not played in the Super Bowl for 18 years.

The competing teams (49ers & Ravens) will receive 17.5 percent of the tickets, while the host team (New Orleans Saints) gets 5 percent.  The other, non participating NFL teams receive 1.2 percent of the tickets, with the rest mostly allocated to sponsors. The list price of Super Bowl tickets this year is $850, $950, and $1,250.