Jets Center Getting Super Bowl Ring Back After 40 Years!!

John Schmitt Super Bowl RingThe New York Jets won Super Bowl III in an upset over the Baltimore Colts in 1969. Shortly thereafter, Jets center John Schmitt went on a vacation to Honolulu. Schmitt took surfing lessons during the trip and after getting back to the shore, he realized his ring was no longer on his finger.  A long search proved futile, at least until he got a phone call last week. 

Waikiki lifeguard John Ernstberg found the ring years later and took it home, giving it to his wife, who put it in a box. The Ernstbergs died 20 years ago and their estate went to their great-niece, Cindy Saffery. 

Saffery recently took the ring to a jeweler to verify if it were real.  When told it was authentic, she contacted the Jets. Her call was forwarded to Schmitt, who lives on Long Island (NY).  The two spoke and made arrangements for the ring to be returned.