Jim Harbaugh Finds The Perfect Walk-Through Spot

Jim Harbaugh Holiday Inn BoardmanFollowing the San Francisco 49ers 13-8 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals last Sunday, the club conducted daily practices in Youngstown, Ohio, instead of jetting 2,000 miles back to the Bay Area. Sunday, the 49ers battle the Eagles in Philadelphia, so the decision was made to stay in the Eastern Time Zone, as opposed to traveling west and then having to turnaround and fly back east only a few days later.

San Francisco practiced at Youngstown State University and lodged at a Holiday Inn in the nearby city of Boardman. Wednesday morning, prior to the club's first official practice at the school's facilities, head coach Jim Harbaugh glowingly elected to hold his team's offensive walk-through in a spacious movie theater parking lot behind the hotel.  

“That big slab of cement in the parking lot even had lines and tall trees around it, it was very private there. That was one of the finer walk-through spots I've been associated with,” joyfully exclaimed the first-year coach.

In light of Harbaugh's newfound love of practicing on a surface more synonymous with automobiles than football, perhaps the 49ers will conduct next week's walk-through in the northbound lanes of the Golden Gate Bridge. Or, maybe even down the twisting turns of San Francisco's famed Lombard Street.

The former Stanford coach is most definitely an innovator.