Manning's Arrival Means Tebow Is Probably Done In Denver

Manning's Arrival Means Tebow Is Probably Done In DenverIt has been widely reported that Peyton Manning will soon reach an agreement to play quarterback for the Denver Broncos next season. The Colts legend will bring his 399 career touchdown passes and 54,828 passing yards to the Mile High City.

On one hand, this is great news for a Broncos team that won the AFC West title, while making the playoffs at 8-8 and winning a miracle playoff game against the Steelers.

On the other hand, this transaction will likely mean the end of the brief Tim Tebow era in Denver, as the team will almost certainly look to trade him.

Last season, Tebow became the Broncos starting quarterback, making an immediate impact and leading the team to six thrilling fourth quarter or overtime comebacks, including the dramatic playoff win.

This level of drama reminded fans of the old “mile high magic” that used to rule Denver, courtesy of Broncos legend and now team president John Elway.

Instantly, Tebow became a hugely polarizing icon, both in Denver and throughout the rest of the NFL. He was downright beloved by many fans, while vehemently disliked by others due to his questionable quarterbacking skills, publicly stated religious views (which including the now famous act of Tebowing) and squeaky clean image.

While not seemingly bothered by Tebow's approach to life, John Elway never really appeared sold on the former Heisman Trophy winner's ability to play quarterback in the NFL. So, once Manning became a free agent, Elway laid out the red carpet in hopes of landing the future Hall of Famer.

In the next several months, it will be interesting to see how Broncos nation reacts to this almost unforeseen turn of events.

After Monday's news, it's clear that next season's Denver Broncos will be the number one storyline in the NFL for the second consecutive year.

With that said, a close second in that department will certainly be whichever team Tim Tebow ends up throwing the football for next season.