A New Jersey Camel Doubles As Expert Football Prognosticator

Princess the clairvoyant camel picks RavensYou may remember Paul the octopus, who unerringly forecast numerous matches in World Cup 2010. Now, kindly make way for Princess, the clairvoyant camel. Princess, who resides at a zoo in Lacey Township, New Jersey, has correctly picked the winner of the Super Bowl six times in the past seven years. This time she has opted for Baltimore.

Here is Princess' secret: her trainer writes the names of the teams on each hand and then covers both with graham crackers. Whichever she eats first is the pick.

In addition to owning a lifetime Super Bowl record of 6-1, the 26-year-old mammal also ate her way to a pick of the 49ers to top the Falcons, last Sunday in the NFC title game.