Where Does Roger Goodell Live?

NFL Headquarters 345 Park AveNFL Commissioner Roger Goodell stands as perhaps the most powerful individual in all of sports. Residing atop of his $9 billion-juggernaut of a professional sports league, the head of America's most prolific athletic enterprise wields his power from both a business standpoint and position of strength, as relates to the regulating of rules and justice throughout the league.

The 53-year-old commissioner is compensated for his efforts to the tune of nearly $10 million a year, with that number expected to double, once Goodell reaches the end of a recently negotiated five-year contract extension. 

Goodell, the son of former New York Republican Senator Charles E Goodell, runs our country's current national pastime from the league's 175,000-square-foot headquarters at 345 Park Avenue in New York City. The NFL, who is operating under a 20-year lease arrangement with the Rudin family-owned building, occupies floors five, six and seven of the 44-story office tower.

Below are exterior photos of the 43-year-old high rise that also houses the world headquarters of both Bristol-Myers Squibb and The Blackstone Group, as well as the US headquarters of KPMG. Other firms, including Piper Jaffrey & Co. and multi-service law firm Loeb & Loeb also call the structure home.


NFL Headquarters 345 Park Ave

NFL Headquarters 345 Park Ave

Where does Roger Goodell live? 

When Goodell is not ruling his 32-franchise league, the former New York Jets intern calls the Westchester County village of Bronxville (NY) home. Located 17 miles north of Midtown Manhattan, this wealthy enclave served as the home of the Kennedy family from 1928-1941.

Here is an aerial shot of Goodell's 6,423-square-foot abode, which he shares with his wife, former FOX News anchor Jane Skinner. 

Roger Goodell's house in Bronxville features six bedrooms and five bathrooms, and came at a price of $4.8 million, back in 2005.

Interestingly, Goodell also spent his childhood in Bronxville, where he captained the football, baseball and basketball teams at Bronxville High School.

He would later go on to attend Washington & Jefferson College in Washington, Pennsylvania.

When considering the number of years Roger Goodell has spent in Bronxville and with the NFL executive office (1987-present), the man appears to very much be a creature of habit. These habits have provided him a very comfortable and successful existence.