The Past Present and Future Dynamics Of The Chargers Move To LA

Dean Spanos Decision To Move To LAAfter spending nearly two decades attempting to find a viable stadium solution in San Diego, Chargers owner Dean Spanos finally decided it was time to relocate his team to the significantly larger, yet far more saturated Los Angeles market. Though the news was announced last week, this story took years to develop, with the success of the franchise’s new LA chapter coming off as anything but certain.

Scott Reid from the Southern California News Group discusses the long series of events that led Spanos out of San Diego, the tenant-lease arrangement Spanos will now hold with Rams owner Stan Kroenke and the myriad of short and long term challenges in play for a Chargers team that will represent the LA market’s eighth professional sports organization.

Remember, a fall football weekend in the LA area also includes competing with the likes of USC and UCLA.

As the Chargers head north to the mega Los Angeles market, the club will soon learn that the LA sports scene can be both extremely fruitful and tremendously challenging. No matter the quality of the stadium, or the star power of the roster, winning is absolutely everything in The City of Angels.