Patriots Feel Irene's Wrath At 35,000 Feet

Patriots bumpy flight Hurricane IreneSaturday, the New England Patriots were soundly defeated by the Detroit Lions 34-10, during the third week of exhibition football. For the Patriots, the drubbing received at Detroit's Ford Field was nothing compared to the turmoil they experienced while travelling home after the game.

With Hurricane Irene bearing down on New England, the Pats chose to immediately embark on their scheduled two hour flight back to Boston, instead of staying in Detroit and waiting for the storm to pass.

While the plane landed safely at Logan Airport around 3 AM, ahead of than Tropical Storm Irene's fury, the lead stages of the storm made the sky's the opposite of friendly for the airborne Pats.

Midflight, cornerback Darius Butler tweeted: “Yall pray for us on this flight please! Thank u”  

Shortly after landing, rookie wide receiver Jeremy Ross tweeted: “Thank you God for letting us land safely, that turbulence was no joke”

Ironically, two days following the infamous flight, Ross, who was a long shot to make the team coming into camp, was cut.

Welcome to life in the NFL!