Patriots Versus Steelers Scores Huge Television Rating

Sunday’s Week 15 matchup between the Steelers and Patriots, dubbed “the game of the year,” very much lived up to the billing. With AFC home field advantage on the line, the Patriots won 27-24.

In a year where the NFL has struggled with both controversy and a seven percent ratings decrease, the late 4:30 ET time slot on CBS scored a 17.0 household rating and 32 share, making it the NFL's highest rated game this season.

With all the talk of the NFL’s pending demise, for the league to have scored this kind of rating, during an afternoon regular season contest, shows that America’s most popular form of entertainment is doing just fine. It also shows that when you have a big game between two top tier quarterbacks and franchises, fans will tune in.

Imagine how much higher the ratings will be if these two meet again in the AFC Championship Game, a situation the league is absolutely rooting for.