Random Thoughts From A Crazy NFL Playoff Weekend

Peyton Manning career playoff record of 9-11Offense is officially king in the NFL, with all eight teams from last weekend scoring 28 or more points. The New England Patriots have scored 83 points in their two recent wins over Houston, while the Baltimore Ravens have amassed 593 passing yards in their two playoff victories.  Expect two high scoring conference finals again this weekend.

It must be said:  the Denver Broncos have won more postseason games, in the past two seasons, with Tim Tebow at the controls, as compared to Peyton Manning, who now has a career playoff record of 9-11. Compare this to Tom Brady, who is 17-6 and just pulled ahead of his boyhood idol (Joe Montana), who amassed 16 wins.

Kick returns kept Denver and Houston in their games. New England and Baltimore need to shore up their special teams.

San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick set an all-time record for QB rushing with his 181 yards versus Green Bay. Atlanta has had serious problems stopping mobile signal callers, such as Cam Newton and Russell Wilson recently.

The Ravens double overtime win over the Broncos lasted 76 minutes of clock, the fourth longest game in NFL history. Now, Baltimore must travel again, this time to New England.

All of the rookie quarterbacks (Wilson, Andrew Luck, and RGIII) are out of the playoffs, but we still could have a “SupHAR Bowl” (Jim Harbaugh vs. John Harbaugh).