Science Says Western NFL Teams Possess A Unique Edge

Western NFL teams have beat the spread 70% of the time over 25 yearsBefore you place your next NFL wager, please consider this.

According to a football study at Stanford University, people lag in energy during the day, but pick up pep again around 6 PM, before lagging again around 10.

A few times each season, an eastern team travels west for a night game, which typically kicks off around 8:30 Eastern Time. That is 5:30 for the Western team. 

As a result, West Coast football players are ready to perk up, as opposed to the East Coast guys, who are beginning to run down.  

The same phenomenon occurs when a western NFL team travels to the East Coast.  

When considering drowsiness, it doesn't matter where the game is played.

The Stanford study concluded that the team from the West won 70 percent of the time, against the spread, over the past 25 years.  

This Sunday night, Detroit plays at San Francisco as a 6.5-point underdog. Stanford researchers say you should play the 49ers, while giving the points.

NPR's Frank Deford recently reported this story.