Super Bowl XLIV the most watched television program in American history

The New Orleans Saints 31-17 victory over the Indianapolis Colts was witnessed by more people than any other event in television history. Sunday's game generated an audience of 106.5 million viewers. The game bested the 105.97 million viewers, who tuned into the final episode of   "M-A-S-H" in 1983.

Last year's game, between the Steelers and Cardinals, was viewed by 98.7 million people.

Not surprisingly, New Orleans posted the highest local rating of any market, with a 56.3 rating and an 82 share. One rating point is equal to roughly 1,149,000 households. The share metric represents the number of television sets in use at a given time.

The Indianapolis market tallied a 54.2 rating, with an 80 share.  Amazingly, Indy was not the number two ranked market in terms of viewership.  That distinction belongs to the Washington D.C. market, due to the epic snowstorm that pounded the Nation's Capitol over the weekend. D.C garnered a 56 rating, combined with a 73 share.

Without question, the NFL is jumping for joy, due to their incredible postseason ratings.  The NFC Championship Game, between the Saints and Minnesota Vikings, was viewed by 57.9 million people. This figure represented the most watched, non Super Bowl program, since the finale of "Seinfeld" in 1998.  Jerry and the gang's farewell was viewed by 76.3 million Americans.

The Colts vs. New York Jets, AFC Championship Game, was witnessed by 46.9 million viewers.

The NFL continues to reign supreme as the television ratings juggernaut of American life.