Tampa Bay Telling Players To Turn In Their iPad

Tampa Bay Buccaneers iPad playbookThe "Turk" has a long tradition in pro football as being the team official who informs players that they need to see the head coach and bring their playbook, because that player has been cut.

This season, the Tampa Bay Bucs have a new twist on an old practice. 

The Tampa Turk tells players on their way out to go see the head coach and bring their iPad. All 90 Bucs, who are participating in training camp, received a new iPad when they arrived for practice. The machine contained the team playbook, a tablet, as well as game and practice videos. 

The coaches and players enjoy using the iPad, instead of lugging around a bulky, heavy playbook. 

The Bucs paid around $600 for each of the 90 units, but team management thinks it is a good investment. If a player misplaces his iPad, all data is immediately erased. This situation is better for the team than trying to find a lost playbook.

"It's a lot better than leaving a playbook in a hotel room in Foxboro, Massachusetts,” explained head coach Raheem Morris.  

Or, presumably, scattered all over Green Bay.