Tom Brady Might Pass Peyton Manning For Most Career TD Passes

Tom Brady all-time touchdown recordDuring the 21st century version of the National Football League, by far, the sport’s two most high profile figures have been Patriots QB Tom Brady and the now retired Peyton Manning. Whether accessing on field performance, media coverage or commercial appearances (particularly Manning), these men have been the two poster boys for our nation’s most popular pastime.

In fact, of the last 15 Super Bowls, either Brady or Manning has been the QB of the AFC representative a whopping 10 times. Brady, a San Francisco Bay Area native, has appeared in six super Sundays, winning four. While Manning, a New Orleans product, took the field in four big games, winning two of those, including the final game of his career, during Super Bowl 50, last February.

Now that Manning is retired, Brady stands alone at the top of the NFL summit. After sitting out the first four games of this season (thanks to the Deflategate scandal) the Pats QB has torn up the league, in the four games since his return, and is well on pace to claim his third NFL MVP award. In these four contests, Brady has thrown for 12 touchdowns, with zero interceptions, compiling a passer rating of 133.9. In New England’s four straight wins, number 12 has led his team to an average win total of 16 points per game, while completing 73 percent of his passes.

Manning retired with 539 TD passes, which is number one all-time. Entering Sunday, Brady has a career total of 440 TD throws (Pats bye this week). With his health still intact and his performance level not remotely diminishing, can the 39-year-old Brady pass Manning to grab the all-time TD record?

If Brady can keep producing like this for another three to four years (which is a big if) and New England is able to win another Super Bowl, Brady could retire with both the most TD passes and most Super Bowl wins as a starting QB.

If this scenario comes to pass, how can you not call Tom Brady the greatest player in NFL history?