Vikings Anthony Barr and Eric Kendricks Spotted At LA Sushi Spot

Minnesota Vikings and UCLA Alums Anthony Barr and Eric Kendricks Spotted At LA Restaurant An tipster, who also happens to be a big Minnesota Vikings fan, shares a cool Vikings related story, from last weekend.

As I was walking into Hara Sushi, a West Los Angeles restaurant, Vikings LB Anthony Barr exited the restaurant and hopped into an awaiting Uber.

Then, as I was driving out of the parking garage, a few minutes later, Vikings LB Eric Kendricks and another guy were walking to their car. I rolled down the window and said “Go Vikings” to Kendricks. He responded with a loud “Skol.”

Hara is found just three miles west of the UCLA campus, so seeing these two UCLA alums in this neighborhood makes perfect sense, particularly during the NFL offseason.

Whether it be during their college days in Westwood, pro career in Minnesota, or back in LA during the offseason, the Anthony Barr Eric Kendricks combination appears to be unbreakable.