Where Will Peyton Go, Just Ask Vegas

Las Vegas odds on Peyton Manning's new teamThe parting of Peyton Manning from the Indianapolis Colts has just been finalized and Las Vegas bookmakers have already posted odds on his next destination. 

Arizona is the early favorite at 19 percent, followed by Miami at 16 percent and Washington at 13 percent.

A wager of $100 would win you $250 on the Cardinals, $300 on the Dolphins or $400 on the Redskins.  

Others possibilities include the Jets at nine percent, Chiefs at seven percent and the Seahawks at six percent.

Early wagering is favoring Arizona and Kansas City. 

Other squads that make some sense are the Texans, 49ers and Broncos. In fact, almost every NFL team, except one, will inquire about Manning. The one that won't hosted last month's Super Bowl.  

If you think Manning will retire by September, a bet of $100 would return $1000. 

And if you want the rest of the NFL (the field), you get odds of 11 percent ($100 wins you $500) for the new Peyton place.