You Won't Believe What AP, Brady & Manning Are Really Saying On The Field

Bad Lip Reading and Adrian PetersonWith Super Bowl XLVII more than a week away and because very few football fans actually care about that bizarre Hawaiian sporting event known as the Pro Bowl, the millions and millions of Americans, who find themselves completely addicted to the NFL, are at a loss for things to do this weekend.

Fear not fanatics, the good folks at Bad Lip Reading have stepped up and produced a highly entertaining piece of football hilarity, hopefully quenching your deeply desperate thirst (at least for a couple days). Below is the tremendous piece of video, featuring the “surprising” words being uttered by iconic names like Adrian Peterson, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.


Be sure to check in with, all next week, for the latest behind the scenes news, bizarre happenings and game preview information surrounding the Big Game in the Big Easy.