Over the last few days, the NFL team that has made perhaps the biggest offseason splash just so happens to be the current Oakland and future Las Vegas Raiders. Once believed to be a cash strapped organization, the team is suddenly awash in money, one year before moving into a brand new $1.8 billion... Read More

Football Cleats are used in many sports in order to provide traction on certain surfaces. However, football is where we see them most often as they're an essential part of a player's gear.Some places rent cleats, but if you play rather often, you should have your own pair. They aren't as expensive... Read More

Sunday, the New England Patriots captured the franchise’s sixth Super Bowl championship, courtesy of a 13-3 defeat of the Los Angeles Rams.Dating back to 1971, the Patriots have called the city of Foxborough, Massachusetts home. Chosen for its regionally accessible location, the town of 17,000 sits... Read More

Rams wunderkind head coach Sean McVay is 100 percent associated with the city of Los Angeles these days, after the now 33-year-old's arrival in Southern California, back in 2017. But, with McVay and the Rams in Atlanta for Sunday’s Super Bowl LIII, it bears reminding that the NFC champion coach’s... Read More

For the third time ever and first time since 2000, the city of Atlanta is hosting America’s signature sporting extravaganza, when the Los Angeles Rams take on the New England Patriots, Sunday at 6:30 PM ET. An estimated one million people will make their way to the nation’s ninth largest... Read More