BOS & VAN Have Lived At 35,000 Feet This Series

airplaneAs the Boston Bruins and Vancouver Canucks lock up in the deciding game of the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals, it's amazing to consider the amount of time both teams have spent on airplanes, since the series began a little more than two weeks ago. With a city-to-city distance of approximately 2,500 miles and the NHL's 2-2-1-1-1 series travel format, the finalists have actually spent far more time in the air than on the ice.

Being the road club during the series, the Bruins have logged significantly more air time than the Canucks, because of the two additional flights involved with getting to Vancouver to begin the series and heading back home to Boston after the completion of Game 7.

The Bruins have embarked on six total flights, accumulating slightly more than 15,000 miles. The team's overall time in the air (including the post Game 7 flight) will be approximately 33 hours.

In comparison, the Canucks have taken four total flights, compiling a little more than 10,000 miles. Vancouver's overall time in the sky comes in at around 22 hours.

To put this in perspective, the players will have spent roughly 21 hours on the ice, during the entirety of the seven game series.

If someone is interested in obtaining a movie review, the Bruins and Canucks might very well be the best people to ask, after spending so much time in the friendly skies over the last several days.