Jeremy Roenick Hanging With Fans (Photo & Video)

After an illustrious 20-season playing career (best years came with the Chicago Blackhawks), Jeremy Roenick has seamlessly transitioned from a gritty, high scoring center, to that of an engaging, highly energetic broadcaster. Post retirement, the 44-year-old Boston native has enlightened hockey fans on FSN, TSN, as well as on the multiple platforms of NBC Sports.  

As a result of his outspoken nature, All-Star career and current TV efforts, it can be argued that Roenick is one of the most recognizable players of his generation of pucks.

In the hours prior to Game 1 of the 2014 Stanley Cup Final, Roenick and his fellow members of the NBCSN crew, were seen preparing for the evening's broadcast, just outside Staples Center. During a break from his TV gig, JR made his way over to an assembled crowd of onlookers, where he then posed for photos, signed autographs and invited fans to join him for a live segment, once his show went to air.

Above is an original photo of the nine-time All-Star, with an original video of the fan interaction available via this video link.