Keith, Crawford & Quenneville At Kings Practice Rink (Videos)

Keith, Crawford & Quenneville At Kings Practice Rink (Videos)Since 2010, the squads from Chicago and Los Angeles have reigned supreme in the NHL. During this span, the Blackhawks and Kings have held Lord Stanley's Cup over their respective heads in all but one season, with the Boston Bruins serving as a stand-in, back in 2011.

Last week, amid an extended visit to Southern California, for games at both the Kings and Ducks, the boys from Chicago conducted practice at the Toyota Sports Center (TSC), the Kings' El Segundo, California training facility.

Shortly after the workout's conclusion, as the team exited the TSC , captured original video of members of the club coming over to sign autographs for a combination of Chicago and LA fans. The video is available below.

2-time Cup champion/2-time Olympic Gold Medalist Duncan Keith. The 31-year-old has 7 goals and 23 assists this season (entering Tuesday).


2013 Stanley Cup winning goalie Corey Crawford. In his 5th full season, Crawford has a record of 19-11-2, with a 2.28 GAA (entering Tuesday).


2-time Stanley Cup head coach Joel Quenneville. In 17 full seasons as an NHL bench boss, the 56-year-old has only missed the playoffs twice.


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