Kopitar, Muzzin & Jones Staples Appearance (Video)

The Los Angeles Kings have won two of the last three Stanley Cups (2012 and 2014). As a result, the team's popularity in hockey circles has really risen around the country, particularly in their home of Southern California.

Last week, iFolloSports.com captured the above original video of Kings players Anze Kopitar, Jake Muzzin and Martin Jones signing autographs at a Staples store in Long Beach, California. A very large crowd turned out, with the players appearing for about an hour.

Kings fans can check out additional iFolloSports.com original videos of current and former players including Jonathan Quick, Drew Doughty and Mike Richards, as well as more of Kopitar signing, over the last few years.

On Monday, the Kings and fellow Los Angeles team, the LA Galaxy, were honored at the White House, by President Obama. The dual appearance was in honor of last season's NHL and MLS championships.