Mike Milbury Compares Sedin Brothers to Famous Females

Versus/NBC hockey analyst Mike Milbury is probably not the most popular guy in Vancouver these days. Wednesday night, Milbury hurled a very unflattering shot regarding how to defend Canucks stars Henrik and Daniel Sedin.

“By all means, stay on Thelma and Louise — I mean Henrik and Daniel. Get in their way, make them pay. This series is starting to go our way,'' exclaimed Milbury.

The Sedin brothers have totaled a combined one goal and one assist during the first four games of the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals. This lack of production is taking place after Henrik posted 94 assists in the regular and postseason, with Daniel scoring 49 goals over that same period of time (prior to the Finals series vs. Bruins, in which he scored once).

Aside from the overt comparison to famous female movie characters, many Canucks fans are taking issue with Milbury using the words “our way” within the comment. Milbury, the Brighton, Massachusetts native, has a long association with the Boston Bruins. Along with playing 12 years for the team, Milbury has also worked in Boston's front office and as head coach. Currently, he serves as a commentator for the Bruins' local television coverage.

Suffice it to say, the hockey fans of Western Canada are annoyed with Milbury for a myriad of reasons.