The Stanley Cup Takes A Spill (Video)

Stanley Cup falls in Bonavista NewfoundlandEach year, the team who wins the Stanley Cup possesses the trophy until a new team is crowned NHL champion. During this offseason, the Boston Bruins are the proud holders of Lord Stanley's Cup.

As part of Stanley Cup tradition, each Bruin player gets to spend one day doing as they wish with the world famous trophy. Usually, the player's lucky day goes on with little fanfare, accept in the city being visited on that given day.

Only in select cases does something crazy actually happen on a player's day with the cup.

Tuesday was one of those days.

Former Boston Bruins and now Dallas Stars right winger Michael Ryder was in possession of the Cup at a hotel in Bonavista, Newfoundland, just outside of St. John's. While placing the Cup down on a ceremonial table, Lord Stanley decided to take a header on the floor.

Check out the amazing video. Ryder's heart must have skipped a beat after witnessing the tumble.