You can always bet on the NHL to deliver. Since the league's inception in 1917, there have been numerous great moments – some of these were significant at the time, such as Wayne Gretzky passing Gordie Howe for the most goals scored or a franchise winning the Stanley Cup for the first... Read More

Being a starting goaltender in the NHL is difficult for any professional ice hockey player and few would argue otherwise. To succeed in the role, competitors need lightningfast reflexes, unrivaled concentration and the somewhat-overlooked skill of understanding angles. Because of the... Read More

Wednesday night, the Tampa Bay Lightning took a 2-1 series lead in the 2020 Stanley Cup Final, courtesy of a 5-2 victory over the Dallas Stars. The highlight of the Tampa victory occurred early in the game when longtime captain Steven Stamkos scored a goal in his first game since undergoing surgery... Read More

Recently, ESPN conducted a poll of NHL players, with some of the questions verging into such topics as favorite/least favorite visiting dressing rooms, as well as the cities that NHLers enjoy visiting the least.In a not so surprising development, newer arenas in Edmonton, Las Vegas and Detroit led... Read More

Hockey is one of the most interesting sports out there. It requires special skills, long training, as well as quite a lot of equipment. One of the most critical and personal pieces of equipment is a hockey stick. A lot of things depend on its quality and performance, so it’s crucial you find... Read More