Reckless WrestleMania Prognostications

Reckless WrestleMania PrognosticationsWrestleMania 28 takes place on Sunday (appropriately April Fool's Day) at Sun Life Stadium in Miami. More than 70,000 WWE fanatics are expected to attend. Another one million households are projected to purchase the pay-per-view telecast at a rate of around $50.

Here are some uneducated predictions for WM28, which are either right or totally wrong. The four-hour extravaganza is largely lackluster this year and not comparable to some incarnations of the past. 

MAIN EVENT:  The Rock (AKA Dwayne Johnson) returns from his motion picture career to face current nemesis John Cena.  Nearly 40 now, the Rock is a third generation grappler of Samoan heritage, who played college football for the Miami Hurricanes. Cena will win on a controversial ending (outside interference?) requiring a rematch on a future pay-per-view. 

INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP:  The Big Show gets it on with Cody Rhodes, son of the legendary Dusty Rhodes. Somehow Rhodes will be victorious, despite a huge weight disadvantage.

WWE CHAMPIONSHIP: One of the most interesting matches on the card features the entertaining Chris Jericho and CM Punk.  Punk wins, as Jericho is no longer full-time with the WWE.

WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP: Champion Daniel Bryan faces the imposing Irishman Sheamus. Sheamus is much better and wins the belt, perhaps with the assistance of Bryan's "manager" AJ.

RANDY ORTON--KANE: Kane is way over the hill and being phased out. Orton gets the pin here, as well as a big push from the WWE. 

HELL IN A CELL MATCH:  Triple HHH against the Undertaker.  Devious officiating by Shawn Michaels means that either could be the victim.  Since HHH married into the McMahon clan, he will probably end the Undertakers' winning streak at WrestleMania, but then again, who knows? 

Watch this event at your own peril.