Manu Ginobili: A True NBA Gentleman (Video)

San Antonio Spurs guard Manu Ginobili may provide more time for fans than any other player in professional basketball. Prior to Tuesday's Spurs victory over the Los Angeles Lakers, once again, Ginobili displayed for our cameras why he is so respected by NBA fans throughout the US, as well as worldwide.

Per the above original video clip, Ginobili stopped to pose for photos and sign some autographs, for the gathering of LA hoops followers stationed outside the Shutters by the Beach hotel, in Santa Monica, California. As is his normal pattern of activity, the Argentine great was incredibly affable to everyone interested in a moment of his time.

Last spring, prior to a Spurs second round playoff game with the Los Angeles Clippers, Ginobili also showed his usual level of reverence for fans, when stopping to interact with a group outside the Peninsula Hotel Beverly Hills.

Rewinding the tape back two years, a look through the iFolloSports archives reminds us of a very noteworthy and unusual interaction Ginobili had with fans, when walking out of the very same Santa Monica property. On that December night, the three-time NBA champion paused to view what he thought may have been a “UFO”. Though the unidentified flying objects turned out to be a team of Red Bull daredevils, the video clip received global attention via many media outlets, including TMZ.

No matter if it's before an early regular season game, crucial postseason battle, or when contemplating to existence of life on other planets, Manu Ginobili never disappoints, when it comes to showing his fans the same level of passion that he has brought to the basketball court, during his stellar professional career.  

The man is a 100 percent class act!