Albert Pujols' Art Deco Rolls Royce (Videos)

Los Angeles Angels 1B/DH Albert Pujols is not hurting for money. After playing under what worked out to be an eight-year/$111 million contract, with the St. Louis Cardinals, the all-time great headed west to cash in on a 10-year/$240 million package, courtesy of LAA owner Arte Moreno. With an estimated net worth of $90 million (and counting), Pujols' talent and accomplishment has most certainly allowed him the opportunity to enjoy the sweeter things in life. It is interesting to note that one of the 33-year-old's favorite off the field pastimes involves his love of luxury automobiles. Pujols' Art Deco Rolls Royce Ghost is a shining example of this pursuit.

Above is original video of Pujols rolling into the Toronto Blue Jays' Orange County hotel, last week. The featured clip shows Pujols picking up close friend/Toronto 1B Edwin Encarnacion, a few hours prior to the Blue Jays vs. Angels matchup at nearby Angel Stadium. Ironically, the considerably lesser known Encarnacion is having a vastly superior statistical season than that of the iconic Pujols. Entering Monday, Encarnacion is hitting .282, with 29 HR and 88 RBI. This is compared to the injured Pujols, who only possesses a .258 average, with 17 HR and 64 RBI.

Shortly after Encarnacion made his way into the white Rolls, Jays SS Jose Reyes entered the vehicle. That scene is visible via this original video link.

Once all three baseball stars were inside Pujols' ride, the threesome began the trek to the ballpark, despite Pujols sitting things out, due to a left foot injury. Suffice to say, this ultra-exclusive form of transportation surely beats heading to work courtesy of the chartered bus in which most members of the Toronto organization utilized on this day.

Thanks for the ride Albert!