Manu Ginobili's interesting time outside LA hotel

While the previous story noted the speed at which Tony Parker and Gregg Popovich entered the Spurs team bus, prior to Wednesday's loss to the Clippers. The situation was completely opposite for shooting guard Manu Ginóbili on this night.  The Argentina native's route from the doors of the Shutters on the Beach Hotel in Santa Monica included a couple extended periods of stopping.

Ginóbili's first detour took place after the charter bus driver alerted him of two bizarrely flying aircrafts traveling over the California coast at that time. Ginóbili, along with the travel staff and assembled group of basketball fans, were eyeing the sky in hopes that they were not witnessing a horrific aviation disaster.  The strange looking light is noticeable in the sky above the bus starting at about nine seconds into the video. Luckily, there were no reports of any plane crashes in the area that night, but Ginóbili and the rest of the people took notice of this very irregular sight.

After the planes left eye shot, Ginóbili accepted the fans' requests and made his way over to sign autographs. Of the Spurs star players, Ginóbili was the only one to acknowledge the fans and actually sign his name, this included Tim Duncan.

Ginóbili was definitely the fan favorite during this very weird few minutes in Santa Monica. He was the last player to enter the bus, but he definitely left the greatest impression of any member of the Spurs organization. 

Check out the original video of this interesting period of time for Ginóbili.