Which NHL Cities Do Players Dislike The Most?

NHL Players Are Not Fond Of Winnipeg and Buffalo Recently, ESPN conducted a poll of NHL players, with some of the questions verging into such topics as favorite/least favorite visiting dressing rooms, as well as the cities that NHLers enjoy visiting the least.

In a not so surprising development, newer arenas in Edmonton, Las Vegas and Detroit led the way in terms of the most comfortable visiting space to get ready for a game.

When the discussion turned to the toughest to deal with changing spaces, the arenas in Washington and Boston easily earned this title. Is it any coincidence that both the Capitals and Bruins have won recent Stanley Cups?

Regarding the sometimes taboo topic of least desired municipalities to visit during the season, a whopping 75 percent of respondents chose either Winnipeg or Buffalo, with players citing climate, cleanliness and a lack of things to do as reasons why.

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