Something's Fishy At Romanian Fishing Contest

British accuse Romania of cheating at 14th annual Carp Fishing World ChampionshipThe host Romanian team was victorious at the 14th annual World Angling Championships, held at the country's Lake Corbu. Now, the British squad has filed a formal protest, accusing the hosts of cheating.

According to the claim, the Romanians fattened up the carp since May, using a "secret bait," which was also used during the international fishing competition.

The carp were said to speed to the host's bait, which they had been eating for weeks. Bulgaria and Serbia heard about the plot and used local bait to finish in second and third place, respectively.

The 10-man English team finished eighth, while proclaiming that they were capable of winning the gold medal.

While the British continue to protest the results, the tournament's Romanian organizers were unavailable for comment.